COVID-19 Customer Statement

Updated 4 June 2020

Redwood Technologies Group and subsidiary companies (including Content Guru) are fully aware of the critical importance that storm®, DNX® installations, and the company’s services play in delivering vital communications for your customers. Keeping your organization working is our top priority and with the rapidly evolving situation regarding COVID-19 we wanted to update you on the actions we are taking.

Before going into specific current actions, it is important to say that storm is cloud-based across all territories: (UK, Central Europe, Japan, USA) and this, along with our core design principles, ensures we offer a high level of service availability with limited reliance on physical site access.

Where customers have a DNX installation or have chosen other onsite services as part of their solution, we have put in place measures to ensure maintenance and required upgrades can be delivered without disruption to services.

Our highest priorities in providing customer support over the coming months

  • Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all our global customers and colleagues;
  • Introducing new and interim licence opportunities to help you manage requirements;
  • Maintaining service availability as normal;
  • Further improving the resiliency and capacity of our services to meet any increased demand you may experience;
  • Continuing a 24 hour support service in operation;
  • Continuing to improve our solutions and support services available to you;
  • Maintaining and enforcing the strict Information Security standards on which you rely. There has been and will be no weakening of our security measures and performance.

What are we doing for our people?

  • Home Working: In line with advice from UK government, and the relevant authorities in our other operating territories, we have improved policies and practices on home working for our global colleague base to keep our operations working effectively.
  • Office Presence: We have conducted a COVID-Secure Risk Assessment for our headquarters, where limited onsite working takes place. Strict social distancing, hand sanitizing and washing requirements are enforced. Site users are not permitted to use public transport. Where required, a temperature gun and PPE are available to manage visitors and exposure risks appropriately. We have stopped any non-critical site visits from contractors or other suppliers. All site users are required to confirm they do not have any symptoms, have followed strict social distancing guidelines at all times, and have not been in recent contact with anyone who has had to self-isolate due to symptoms or been confirmed as contracting COVID-19.
  • Travel Permits: Where travel has been restricted, we have provided our team with a permit letter explaining the critical nature of our work, so our colleagues can present to authorities and justify their critical journey.
  • Regular Wellbeing Checks and Resources: Our managers regularly contact all their team individually and in team meetings. Across our Organisation there is the opportunity to “buddy up” colleagues to one another to provide social interaction where colleagues are more isolated. Our managers receive regular guidance and awareness training to help colleagues during this time of more widespread homeworking.
  • Suspected Cases: Colleagues are instructed to self-isolate for the minimum timeframes should they develop any COVID-19 symptoms, or members of their household develop those symptoms. Our line managers are in regular contact with their team members to check on their wellbeing and general health.
  • Business Travel: We do not permit any business travel without the confirmation from Senior Management that it is critical, and have banned international travel until further notice.

What are we doing for you, our customers?

  • Account Management/Contact: If you have any questions or concerns about your service, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or to our Customer Support Helpdesk, where knowledgeable colleagues will be on hand to assist.
  • Traffic Capacity: We have taken proactive steps to substantially increase our capacity for handling customer contact to both our organisation and yours. We have not exceeded capacity during the pandemic so far, but have further increased our capabilities to ensure your customers can contact you.
  • Increased Licenses: We have quickly delivered increases in licenses for a number of our customers who have experienced high engagement from customers.
  • Improving storm: We continue to deliver functionality, efficiency and security enhancements to our products and services to meet customer needs and requests.
  • Supply Chain: We are in regular and proactive contact with all our critical suppliers to ensure no delays or interruptions to our supply chain.

What we ask of customers and suppliers

  • Visits from our colleagues to your sites: where a site visit is critical to ongoing support, we require certain safety and other conditions to be in place so that both the health of our colleague and therefore our ongoing ability to provide appropriate ongoing support is protected. We ask that:
    • All those relevant to their visit will be informed ahead of arrival to ensure access is provided promptly;
    • Our colleague is advised of any risks or special onsite arrangements required;
    • Appropriate PPE is provided if it an onsite requirement or recommendation;
    • No person who should be self-isolating has or will be present onsite at any time;
    • Social distancing is observed onsite and will continue to be observed during their visit;
    • Appropriate hand sanitizing and washing facilities are made available to our colleague.

    Where customers are unable to meet these conditions, our colleague reserves the right to reschedule their visit to such a time as conditions can be met.

  • Visits to our sites: suppliers or customers needing to visit our sites will meet the following conditions, allowing us to keep our sites free from risk and open to support critical communications services at all times:
    • Prior to attendance, confirmation why the site visit is deemed critical;
    • Observe our office policy at all times, including those items listed under “Office presence”;
    • Be prepared to have their temperature taken and to wear any required PPE;
    • Confirm they – and no person in their household – is displaying symptoms or is required to self-isolate under regional Government guidance.

The changing situation is reviewed daily and our stance updated accordingly.

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