Redwood Technologies Group develops cutting-edge solutions for complex communications challenges, which enable organizations to engage at scale with their customers at any time, from any place, and on any channel or device.

Our Mission

Redwood Technologies is committed to providing our clients with excellent customer engagement and experience. Founded in 1993, our mission to resolve the communications challenges that organizations and their customers face remains unchanged.

We aim to deliver cloud customer engagement solutions to organizations in every territory and in every sector worldwide, beyond our current touchpoints in over 60 countries across 3 continents, in order to facilitate organization-and-customer engagement whenever and wherever, irrespective of device or channel.

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A Rich History of Innovation

Following the inception of Redwood Technologies in 1993, the Group has been consistently positioned as leaders in communications technology innovation. From the early days of RedMatrix, to the award-winning storm® solution, the Group’s expert Research and Development teams continue to make advancements on the product level to ensure that our clients’ companies and customers have access to transformative communications systems and solutions.

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Our Values

Our values sit at the core of everything that we do in the Redwood Technologies Group. They are reflected in the excellent products and services that we deploy to our customers, the culture of our company, and in the day-to-day operations of our teams.

Our emphasis on speed, flexibility, trust and friendliness has helped the Group to consistently drive enormous success – from the delivery of solutions that power some of the world’s foremost enterprises, to receiving some of the highest analyst recognition and industry accolades.

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Community & Voluntary

Working to deliver great experiences isn’t just our business purpose. The Redwood Technologies Group looks to improve the local areas in which we operate. Success breeds success and investing in up and coming talent in all respects is a huge priority within the Group

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Leadership Team

The Redwood Technologies Group is run by a strong Leadership Team with a huge variety and depth of experience between them. Delivering best in class engagement solutions is only one side of the job, creating a healthy environment in which employees can thrive is also top priority to the Group.

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Delivering award-winning solutions is something that comes naturally to the companies within the Redwood Technologies Group. We recognise achievements at all levels and are proud of the work that has been recognised by external organizations.

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Redwood Technologies Group is a pioneer in the communications industry, possessing a rich history in delivering exceptional customer engagement and experience solutions. Today, we stand at the front line of technological innovation, and continue to expand our presence in the communications industry.

The Group applies a forward-thinking and customer-orientated approach when it comes to communications, which is something that we see in our teams, and look for in prospective employees. We seek to attract high-caliber candidates, from top graduates to experienced professionals, who share our values and global vision.

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